Challenge: Following a merger our client wished to expand IAPT services, aware that its bid preparation capability required enhancement.
The client needed to improve awareness of the commissioning and procurement landscape within which it would be operating.

Solution: Park Street Consulting provided a bespoke bid review process to ensure that the quality of bids truly reflected the full potential of the organisation to deliver required services.

With a 48 hour turnaround bids were quality checked to ensure that the specification was reflected in the response and that the questions posed in the procurement documentation were fully answered.  Consistency of style and content was considered and differences identified.  Areas of weakness were similarly identified and suggested improvements made.  The compliance of the response to the mandated format was validated and errors flagged.

A half day workshop was held to inform key client personnel on the commissioning environment, the challenges and pitfalls in procurement using AQP.

Outcome: A comprehensive list of lessons learnt fed through to training and validation material together with a list of opportunities for the organisation to increase its impact on NHS services.
An outline plan of next steps set the client on a trajectory to further develop its existing networks and exploit its knowledge to expand services.