change management

The NHS is in the midst of a major change programme brought about by the financial imperatives of making significant savings and Government thinking on the model for healthcare in future. These forces have given rise to manifestations of change by merger, innovation and reshaping. Organisations are taking on new responsibilities and acquiring new skills in parallel.

Change is best effected by those who have the responsibility to deliver the new solution, however there is still a “day job” and additional resource from outside can be essential to free time and bring specific knowledge and experience.

To make the change process as painless and productive as possible we make sure we:

  • clarify goals so achievements can be accurately measured
  • develop communication plans that engage with all stakeholders
  • establish benchmarks and outcomes so each step change can be evaluated in relation to the next
  • perform sensitivity analysis to ensure results are attributed to the correct cause
  • conduct commercial and clinical reviews in parallel to ensure outcome has equal weight with cost.
  • plan project steps to minimise disruption to daily operations

The greatest barrier to change is fear of the unknown, so communication is key. At Park Street Consulting we make sure staff are fully on board with project objectives, and know what to expect: personally and professionally. Our experience shows this can make all the difference between success and failure.

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