strategy, planning and modelling

In a time of continuous change it’s necessary to balance clear goals with flexibility.  At Park Street Consulting we work with organisations to clarify their high level strategy and generate ambitious but deliverable operational plans.

Strategy development normally comprises:

  • Analysis of the operation and business environmental
  • Analysis of resources, competencies and strategic capability
  • Analysis of stakeholder expectations and organisational purposes
  • Agreeing the basis of strategic choice
  • Identifying strategic options
  • Evaluation and selecting strategic options
  • Developing an implementation strategy – organisational structure, resources and change preparedness

Planning is predicated on delivering the organisation’s strategy, and normally comprises:

  • Clearly identifying the portfolio of products and services
  • Market analysis and research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Costing and pricing
  • Financial plan
  • Resource plan
  • Production / Operations and logistics plan
  • Risk analysis and plan
  • Performance measures and monitoring

Planning is supplemented by preparation of robust Business Cases where required.

Modelling is an valuable way of testing new ways of working.  Whether these improvements involve redesigned clinical processes and pathways or service and organisational reconfigurations, successful implementation depends on commissioners, providers and other stakeholders arriving at a joint understanding of and agreement to the change.  Modelling and simulation is a powerful method for testing new processes and developing joint understanding and agreement in a cost effective and risk free environment.

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