cost improvement programmes

Against the background of making large savings over the next few years the NHS faces a continual battle against costs.  Our starting point is to look at the opportunities and to quantify them in terms of financial impact and achievability.  We then assess the robustness of the solutions in terms of clinical effectiveness and desired outcomes. Finally, we look at the implementation-timeline and the match with the organisation’s strategic goals.

We will only undertake projects where the value gained exceeds the cost; guaranteeing you value for money.

We will provide support for:

  • analysis of demographics and growth predictions
  • sophisticated financial modelling and scenario analysis
  • construction of clear and transparent decision frameworks
  • business case development
  • options appraisal and identifying savings
  • expert project management and transition support
  • implementing new pathways
  • realising savings

Please see the Cost Improvement Programmes case studies for examples of our work… click here

We use our breadth and depth of experience to provide a broad range of services, predominantly in: