Commissioning, Contracting & Procurement

Challenge: Our brief was to design and manage a commissioning exercise for specialist urology services to deliver an agreed recommendation to the regional reconfiguration panel.

Solution: We designed a commissioning framework and evaluation strategy, processes and documentation; set up an independent review panel and technical work streams with terms of reference; facilitated meetings and project managed the programme..

Outcome: The agreed recommendation was achieved in six weeks, against a long-term history of delay (failure to reach agreement in the previous seven years) and a new contract was awarded to Park Street Consulting to support the implementation of our recommendations.

Challenge: Our client was facing significant pressure from its major commissioner to reduce its local prices and sought our help in defending its income levels.

Solution: We carried out a thorough review of the hospital’s activity, costing and billing data, using it to identify potential opportunities and then to create a flexible forecasting model to demonstrate their impact. Following deep engagement with clinical teams on specific initiatives and a series of review sessions with the senior finance team and operational managers, we developed a full pricing strategy to inform the trust’s negotiations with its commissioners.

Outcome: The settlement reached between our client and its commissioners was at the lowest end of the range of possible outcomes. In addition, the finance team had an improved understanding of the drivers of income for the hospital and were better placed to give good business support to their divisional leadership teams.

Challenge: Park Street Consulting provided support to NHS and local authority organisations as part of reconfiguration of healthcare.

Solution: This assignment involved the development of a contract database containing essential details on each contract (healthcare, estates and corporate) and key attributes and development of a procurement plan scheduling all contract renewals and possible procurements.

Outcome: The process of gathering the data revealed many contracts that had been “forgotten”.   Our work led to an awareness of the volume of contracts, contract termination and renewal planning and allowed an improvement in negotiation positions and governance.  It also brought a greater awareness across the organisations of the requirements to procure and the benefits of doing so.

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